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In 1842, when Jules Dormeuil opened his doors to the cloth trade, he could have hardly envisaged the  inception of a business that through economic and politial challenges would eventually span across the world's five continents, emerging 164 years later as the purveyors of the worlds' finest fabrics, and still under the management and ownership of the founding family.  This is the House of Dormeuil.

In 1926, the magnificent "Dormeuil House" was opened just off Regent Street, in the heart of London's finer textiles area.

Dormeuil's diversification into a full line of clothing and accessories has seen the opening of Dormeuil stores and boutiques across the globe, starting a new chapter in  the dawn of the 21st century, and emulating the House of Dormeuil's continued impression on more than 165 years of style and elegance to the fashion industry.

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